Welders use flame-cutting equipment to fuse or join metal components together or to fill holes, seams, or indentations with metal products. Welders also read and interpret diagrams, sketches, blueprints, and instructions to work on projects and meet specifications while using a variety of machines and tools.

Idaho DOL Outlook

27% increase in the next 10 years with 509 annual openings in the state

Soft Skills

  • Detail oriented
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication skills

Technical Skills

  • Knowledge of using welding & soldering machines & equipment
  • Ability to assemble products and equipment
  • Ability to use heavy equipment
  • Good understanding of math


This apprenticeship is approximately 3-4 years long with an on-the-job learning attainment of 6000-7500 hours, supplemented by the minimum required 57 hours of related instruction.