Manufacturing Champions – Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly- Assistant Principal/ Industry Liaison, Dennis Technical Education Center.

Sean Kelly just wrapped up his 5th year at Dennis Technical Education Center and his 23rd in the Boise School District. Dennis Technical Education Center is one of seventeen Career Technical Schools (CTS) in the state of Idaho that provides students opportunities to develop industry-driven skills and the innovative edge needed for high-demand careers like those in manufacturing.

Aside from the traditional Assistant Principal role, Sean works on developing partnerships between industry and DTEC’s programs. As a result, he is constantly looking to add work-based learning opportunities for students such as job shadows, internships, and Registered Apprenticeships. One of his long-term goals is to have an apprenticeship opportunity for every one of the 18 programs offered at DTEC. He believes youth apprenticeship is a great way for manufacturers to develop a pipeline of young talent as students are looking for meaningful work in fields that are related to their classes, stating, “If companies don’t start recruiting young talent now, vital institutional knowledge is lost as your top talent retires.”

About Sean: He grew up in Pendleton OR where his family owned a lumber yard appropriately called Kelly Lumber Supply. He moved to Idaho with his wife in 1992 to attend Boise State, and never left. When Sean’s not at DTEC, you can find him in his shop building furniture or doing leatherwork with vintage hand tools.

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