Talent Pipeline Services

Manufacturing jobs in Idaho pay about 40% more than other industries and employ nearly 6% of the state’s workforce. Our state’s manufacturing is growing at a healthy pace and hosts a wide range of career options with great benefits and upward mobility.  

Forging Futures wants to connect employers, job-seekers, and educators with workforce and training opportunities in manufacturing to alleviate career-based challenges and position our communities for economic competitiveness and prosperity. Check out the links below to learn more about what we do and how we can help meet your needs, from job shadows, presentations, soft-skill development, site tours, or curriculum. 

What is the skills gap?

The skills gap is the disparity between the demand to fill job openings and the supply of skilled talent to hire for those roles. It leads to economic stagnation, decreased satisfaction and productivity in the workplace, and unemployment or underemployment for our community members.

  • The current workforce aging out
  • A traditional focus on 4-year degrees
  • Misconceptions about modern manufacturing
  • Emerging companies lacking the resources for strategic recruiting
  • The insufficient training or educating of our students for real-world skills and workforce-led opportunities