For Employers

Ways to get involved through Forging Futures: 

Hosting site visits
Show job-seekers what your company does and why they should consider a career with you
Classroom presentations or job fairs
Participate in-person or virtually to share information about yourself and your company to recruit future talent
Job Shadows or Internships
Invite individuals to explore working at your company
Match with local talent to bring skilled talent to your company and meet your workforce needs. Learn More
Hiring/receiving resumes
Review resumes to identify qualified individuals to bring to your company
If you have a different idea with how to get involved with FF, let us know and we’ll see what we can do

As you may be aware, there are many obstacles to hiring and retaining the right talent to match your company needs, whether it’s having a strategic plan in place for recruiting and training, the labor costs to match standards of living, or regular industry changes.

It doesn’t always fall on your HR department though. There are other challenges leading to the lack of supply to meet your workforce demand, such as the current labor aging out, lack of qualified applicants, and public perception. According to a 2018 survey by the Manufacturing Institute, less than 50% of Americans believe manufacturing jobs are more interesting, rewarding, clean, or safe than in the past and less than 30% said they would encourage their children to pursue a manufacturing career; however, those that had familiarity with the industry were twice as likely to encourage children to pursue a career in manufacturing.

Increase your talent recruitment and retention by spreading awareness of your company openings, benefits, culture, and future projects to skilled Idahoans looking for current and future career opportunities in manufacturing. Let us facilitate the outreach to connect you with students to shape your incoming workforce, veterans to successfully apply their credentials to meet your demand, and general job seekers to tap into underused potential.